Biggest boobs in video games

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With the insane amount of fan service in video games these days, why not rank the bustiest females in gaming history? This list showcases the hottest video game girls with big boobs, including classic femme fatales like Sonya Blade and newer characters like Street Fighter V 's Laura.

dirty ladies Laney

The Brazilian fighter is one of the latest additions to the Street Fighter roster, and her outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination. Video game fan service is very much apart of fighting games and other genres, but can seem very out of place for certain titles. Some people criticized Konami for the appearance of the character Quiet, who dons an extremely skimpy outfit throughout the game.

eye-candy girl Isabel

It wasn't just women that complained either, as there was disapproval from some well-respected men in the game industry as well. More Morrigan Aensland.

passionate girl Andrea

Whether you like fan service or not, this list is celebrating it by letting you vote up your favorite chesty video game girls. We didn't include every single female character from Dead or Alive and Mortal Kombatbut if you really want to see someone included here, leave a comment and we might just add them to the list.

gorgeous asian Mckenna

Sorceress Dragon's Quest. Ivy Soul Calibur.

house asian Rowan

Morrigan Darkstalkers. Helena Dead or Alive. Fictional Characters.

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