Clash of clans sex game

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Disney and Lucasfilm team up for new mobile game enabling players to pick their side in the Galactic Civil War. Star Wars: Commander was released today for iPhone and iPad, with other devices to follow at a later date. The game follows the Clash of Clans formula of players constructing bases, then attacking those of other players while defending their own.

The game is free to play, but funded by in-app purchases of virtual currency to speed up progress. Players start the game as independent, but early on get to choose which side to throw their lot in with. For a Star Wars fan, there is plenty of detail to geek out over, with more to come. Star Wars: Commander can be compared to another recent mobile game based on a big film brand — The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth — which did a good job of using key moments from the film and book, of course that it was based on to anchor its narrative, which was then fleshed out with new plotlines and characters.

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What about the elephant in the room: Clash of Clans? And when people think about Star Wars, they think about those armies of Stormtroopers, so it fits very naturally.

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What does this new game add to the genre beyond its brand and some admittedly-iconic characters? Etter points to the narrative again — new storylines within the universe of Star Wars — while also talking up the work that has gone in to the player-v-player PvP element of Star Wars: Commander, with its squ not clanschat and battle-matching features.

How about the free-to-play aspect? Freemium games remain a heated topic for traditional gamers, if not necessarily within the wider community of people actually playing these games and buying their in-app purchases.

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The powerful incentive for Disney and Lucasfilm to get it right is the stink that would ensue if fans felt Star Wars: Commander was a joyless money-milker. Time will tell if the companies have avoided that fate. The game is exclusive to iOS for now — a status that usually precludes developers from announcing dates for other platforms like Android.

But with games like Commander, we can also come back to our roots. This article is more than 6 years old. Star Wars: Commander mobile game features some iconic units. Photograph: PR. Stuart Dredge. Thu 21 Aug Reuse this content.

Clash of clans sex game

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