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A bunch of celebrities photo's are being leaked at the moment, I recommend not looking up articles because I've been working at this for months and it's still a bit tempting. But I've been thinking about it, and it's pretty scummy how people will take these private photos, and release them for the whole world to see.

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And then, other people have such little respect for the leak victim, that they'll go look at the photos and jack off to them. It's really fucked, I don't even understand why it makes a difference if it's "Celebrity 41" or "Random girl " Idk why we put them on such a high pedestal, but that's a different conversation :P.

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I've made it a principle of mine to never look at leaked photos. It is such a violation.

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As Jennifer Lawrence said, everyone who looks at those photos is participating in a huge invasion of her privacy. We need to respect these people, by not consuming these photos. Everyone deserves that much respect. Posted by Days. Sort by: best. Oh hell no, that ain't fappening over here. Might be a form of oneitis.

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Fappening 2.0 reddit

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Can someone explain the fappening?