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Getting to Know Christine is the next level in online dating games. Infinitely lairier than Ariane, Christine is a woman who knows what she wants. If you play your cards wrong, not only is the date over, but Christine will spark you out. Goldsmiths is set to become the first uni to include racial trauma as an official category in assessment mitigation.

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The biggest street party in Europe will not be taking place again due to increasing concerns about Covid Website of the week: Getting to know Christine After Date Ariane comes the next level in dating games. The Tab. It gets quite steamy quite quickly. Meet Chrisine. London Mayor requests face masks remain compulsory on public transport Lizzie Rose.

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LinkedIn hustle culture is toxic and here are the reasons why Natasha Adamczyk. Why is everyone so obsessed with getting a First? Fabric bans photography and filming on dancefloor Kat Pirnak. UCL to offer financial support for international students forced to quarantine Kat Pirnak. These 14 Tweets sum up how we feel about Elite season four Kat Pirnak. This is why we need Pride now more than ever Maitreyi Sanadhya. Notting Hill Carnival has been cancelled for second year in a row Maitreyi Sanadhya. UCL art students organise creative protest to demand compensation for lack of studios Kat Pirnak.

In the midst of all the chaos, first year students have been somewhat overlooked.

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Here are all the pop-up vaccine clinics you can go to as a London student Cerys Mason. Under 25s are able to get the Covid vaccine in these London centres.

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Want to cook amazing food on a student budget? Imperial and UCL have been ranked seventh and eighth respectively. Helen Eggleton. People thought Damian and Francesca were dating when they were pictured together last year. Quiz: 20 years on, how well do you remember the quotes from The Princess Diaries?

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Lydia Venn. Here are nine wholesome men who would have been better on Love Island than the l we got Harrison Brocklehurst. Love Island chefs: Can you match the grim attempt at cooking to the Islander who made it? Izzy Schifano. Yes that is our Lord and saviour Florence Pugh doing a Russian accent.

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I tried the frozen honey TikTok trend and nearly gave myself a sugar overdose Helen Eggleton. These are officially the most affordable cities in the UK to be a student Greg Barradale. Harrison Brocklehurst. A body language expert reveals exactly who will stay loyal in Casa Amor Hayley Soen. Blood Red Sky is the chaotic Netflix film about a hijacked plane and… vampires Harrison Brocklehurst. These cinema workers are spilling all the secrets of the cinema on TikTok Lydia Venn.

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