Is skipthegames legit

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Prostitution, solicitation, and related conduct conjures up images of dark alleys and seedy street corners, but the truth is that arrangements are made through websites more frequently than ever.

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Platforms like Skip the Games. However, the increase in these activities has caught the attention of the criminal justice community. Online prostitution stings are becoming more common, leading to serious charges, potentially harsh penalties, and embarrassment for accused individuals.

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You could be facing hefty fines, imprisonment, and other punishment for a conviction; not to mention the damage to your reputation is immeasurable. Fortunately, there are strategies for fighting the charges and our team can help. Please call our Dublin, OH office at Call to set up a free consultation with a Columbus prostitution and solicitation defense lawyer today.

You might also benefit from reviewing some important information about these cases. Simply put, these websites are just like any other online marketplace with sellers and buyers, except that the transaction involves sex instead of lawful goods or services.

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Some, including Skip the Games. Still, authorities are very aware that the sex trade is thriving through these online platforms. Though the specifics vary among different services, the basics are similar in nature:.

When Craigslist shut down its adult section and authorities effectively shut down Back. Skip the Games. Officials in Ohio swiftly responded by engaging in online prostitution stingsin which police arrange a meeting through the site and arrest the person who offered to buy or sell sex. Police are better able to detect and pursue those who violate the law, who may face such charges as:.

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Of course, while these offenses are serious as they pertain to a person of any age, the charges can be even more severe when they involve a minor. In addition, when prostitution, solicitation, or other illegal conduct involvesyou may be charged with a felony.

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You can reach our Dublin, OH office by calling or visiting us online. I want to thank Mr. Bowen and all the attorneys that helped me with this case. Barbara K. Please leave this field empty. Exact matches only.

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Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Luftman Joseph J. Kunkel Peter J. Arrested for Using Skip the Games. How Skip the Games. Though the specifics vary among different services, the basics are similar in nature: Users create a profile, in much the same way as they would on social media sites, legitimate dating sites, or online marketplaces like eBay.

They post a short physical description, and photos and videos for other members of the online community to view. The content ranges from merely provocative to pornographic in nature. Using Skip the Games.

Is skipthegames legit

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