Jacobs rebound game

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Marfo le the nation in rebounding. Kevin Marfo of Quinnipiac University looks to distribute the ball during first half basketball against Fairfield University January 24 at Quinnipiac in Hamden. He goes after the next rebound and the next and the next. Kevin Marfo has one overriding plan. Yet in the end, all of it comes with a five-gallon can of elbow grease. Born in the Bronx, raised in Jersey, this son of Ghanaian immigrants speaks in short, declarative sentences.

Kevin Marfo le the nation in rebounding at He knows it. He keeps himself well-informed. He only wants the next rebound. Lead the country in rebounding. I notice it.

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I want to keep doing it. Marfo was the only player in the nation with double-figure rebounds in each of his first 20 games this season. He had eight boards in a Feb. There are highs of 17 against Drexel and 21 against Monmouth. Otherwise, pencil Marfo in for between 10 and 15 rebounds every game. His game log, which includes 14 double-doubles and a And with a Quinnipiac home game on national television ESPNU Friday night against Canisius for the first time in two years, folks from Jersey to the Pacific, will get a glimpse of his relentless game.

My mindset was plus a game. Set the goal real high. Really strong. Long arms. Very mobile. I think the thing that makes him unique is he goes every time. Sometimes a rebounder has to go 10 times to get a couple rebounds. This guy goes every time on offense and defense. You develop the nose for the ball, an instinct. Kevin has been in that role his whole life.

He has chased every rebound since he was Marfo figured that part out early. He was always interested in the game. He also had to find ways to get into games. Still, I studied the game. He saw he had to rebound to get on the floor. He knew he had to improve. A mom and dad who love me so much, who always pushed me and challenged me to get better.

They never let me settle. Not once. No one in my family settles. They always helped me see I can get better. They are the rocks of who I am. They gave me a great environment to grow as a young man. He chose George Washington. The Colonials had just come off a NIT title. Coach Mike Lonergan was fired before he jacobs rebound game a game. After his freshman season, Marfo looked to transfer.

Dunleavy said he had first talked to Marfo at Worcester Academy when he was an jacobs rebound game at Villanova. Marfo had attended a Villanova team camp when he attended Bergen Catholic. Kevin is a basketball junkie. He was very familiar with Villanova and the way we did things. Dunleavy and Marfo agreed. Quinnipiac was the best fit for him. With transfer rules, he sat out the season. He loves basketball. He watches basketball video.

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He is all in on hoops. He talks about developing habits and trends and ways to get his body in certain positions, spin moves, get around your opponent, tipping the ball to yourself. Maybe my best rebound all year, I got called for it. When I wake up in the morning and before I got to sleep at night, I watch different guys. I try to learn as much as I can. I try to get a feel for everything.

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All motor and effort. Never stops. He watched Charles Barkley and how he moved people and used his wide body. He studied Paul Millsap. Led the country in rebounding three years in row at Louisiana Tech, Marfo points out, wide body who slimmed down in the NBA. He studied Tim Duncan, long with such great hands. He will get his sociology degree this spring.

This will make him eligible as a graduate transfer for his final year of eligibility. Marfo demurs. More for you. In-Depth Coverage. Youth crime spurt creates explosive campaign theme for Video shows CT state police sergeant drinking before crash.

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Jacobs rebound game

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