Run and rape games

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Yep, this is no mistake and this is no clickbait. There is a run or rape genre in gaming actually and I'm discussing it in an educational if not at least analytical way for other game developers. Regardless of how well this can be salvaged or used for your games, it is a game genre in itself and as such should be mentioned at some point somewhere.

Though I guess it might be one of the newer ones and I don't know how long it will hold up. Creation of the Run or Rape Genre The run or rape genre is more a sub-genre of the jump and run type. That's also where the name comes from.

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We're talking about games that will have you run, jump and fight enemies just like you would imagine it from a jump and run game. The difference is the rape part which is usually done in different ways. Side-note: Even though the genre title would be thought to only describe games that contain sexual content in combination with running away from the targets, the genre is often used to describe any action type of games that contain real-time gameplay and sexual content, such as jump and run, run and gun, fighting games and beat 'em up games as well as the action-adventure sub-genre of adventure games.

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Grappling is usually done by enemies under different circumstances or events. When grappled the player is tasked with varying jobs, depending on the game, to break free from the grappling.

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Failing to do so will usually result in a sexual animation. Most often this sexual animation can be interrupted by still breaking from the grappling. Examples for the jobs that have to be done go from literal button mashing to passing in combinations of directions. Sex, sexuality, nudity and so forth in video games can create huge issues.

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It's not like video games didn't have a bad light in the past years, the treating of sexuality by developers in an immature kind of way is still an issue. Then again sexuality itself is a tough topic that is not so easy to talk about and treating sexuality maturely is not as easy as one might think.

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Run and rape games

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Run or rape games